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Women's Fall Season Preview

Written By Lera Skoldpadda
Published 8/15/2019 12:00am

The Lady Mudturtles are gearing up for their 5th Anniversaryyear and second season of D2 rugby! This year, the conference play has againexpanded to now include teams in CT and Upstate NY in addition to the familiar competitionof NJ teams, Morris and Monmouth, and NYC area teams: Long Island, VillageLions, and Brooklyn. With an 8 game season, there is plenty of opportunity toimprove on and off the field!

Practice began this past week. Numbers were at a high, and weextended a big welcome to 14 new players who came out to practice. We arealways recruiting, and encourage anyone interested to reach out to us:,on Facebook, or on Instagram @ladymudturtles. No experience necessary, priorexperience a plus!

This season, we are under the direction of Ivano Mirandi ashead coach and backs coach and Ryan “Tree” Murphy as assistant and forwardscoach. On field leadership will be from captains Ashley Purper and TiffaniGregory. The 2019-2020 WEB is Anna Gildea (President), Gabriela “Gooby” Montoya(VP), Ashley Purper (Match Sec), Tatiana Oliveria (Treasurer) and Julie Buonaguro(Social Chair).

Home games will be at 11am at Unami Park. Catch us at ourhome pitch on 8/31, 9/28, 10/19, and 11/2! Come for the match, stay for thePizza (courtesy of our sponsorJoe”s Pizza - Summit, NJ!)