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Women End Fall Season 4-5

Written By Lera Skoldpadda
Published 11/12/2019 12:00am

The Lady Mudtutles have wrapped up their lengthy fall seasonspanning August – November with a 4-5 record! In our second year of Division 2competition, we came up just shy of a playoff spot. We are proud of ourprogress. Next year, Playoff bound!

October 12, 2019 – Union 5 - Danbury 28

We travelled up to CT to face a physical Danbury side. The LadyMudturtles were short on backs and seemed to be on the back foot all day. Thelone try came from #13 Mercedez Roper. WOM honors went to #4 who Kelsey Giggenbach switchedfrom the centers to the pack this season and did an incredible job sealing offrucks and holding down a tricky scrum. Ninja Turtle Aries Zamora #8 was allintensity all the time and led the team on offense with strong runs and helpforming pods. Thank you to Danbury for a physical match ad great social!

October 19, 2019 – Union 28 – New Haven 0

New Haven forfeited our home match, but conveniently,Montclair State Women were also on the positive side of a forfeit that weekend.We scrimmaged our sister school in a fun rugby day at Unami coming out with aW.

October 26, 2019 – Union 0 – Village Lions 37

Another tough day for the Mudturtles against the top team inour division. Kudos to the Village Lions for being both quick to move the balland strong on the breakdowns. We selected WOM Victoria Steele. In her firststart at #8, our former flyhalf made some hard runs, made some crushingtackles, and proved herself to belong with the forwards! Ninja Turtle went toJessie Kaminskyj who is brand new to rugby this season but improving everygame! Jessie is super strong and takes multiple defenders to bring her down.She even had a 30 yard run through the defense against the Village Lions.

November 2, 2019 – Union 18 – Uticuse 15

We saved the best for last! What an amazing game to end ourseason. Big thank you to Uticuse who drove down to us for the match for providinga fun and competitive game right up until the final whistle! Uticuse opened upthe scoring in the first half, but Union answered right back with a strong runfrom #13 Mercedez Roper. The first half was back and forth with Uticuse andUnion again trading tries. Lock Steffi Villagomez touched down next for Unionafter an offload from #10 Ashley Purper. 10-10 at the half. The score remainedtied for much of the second half. At the 60th minute, #8 VictoriaSteele carried a strong ball to the outside and managed to get an offload offto Mercedez Roper for a clear lane to the corner of the try zone. Theconversion was no good, and the two teams battled back and forth for the next15 minutes with Union fighting to maintain control and Uticuse working hard to winthe ball back. A lucky penalty planted kicker Villagomez just off the center ofthe posts where she nailed the ball through! Now down 18-10, Uticuse foughthard to get on the board and scored a try in the corner just as the finalwhistle blew. Final score: 18-15. WOM honors went to Prop Jen Cortez whose bighits, big runs, and full 80 of intensity set the tone for the team andprevented Uticuse from gaining any ground. Ninja Turtle Ashley Purper had anawesome game directing the offense, making some big runs, and directlyassisting the trys on the scoreboard.