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Sunday March 30 U-16 VS St Augustine's As Reported By Coach Chris Wylde

Written By Jim Brady
Published 4/05/2019 12:00am

I've played, coached and spectated rugby for most of my life. Last Sunday at Unami Park, home to the Mud Turtles, I witnessed a rugby match from our U16 Team that saw them convert a 19-0 deficit at half time to an emphatic 38-34 victory. Impressive, but in and of itself, not overly remarkable. When put into context however, it is not an overstatement to describe last Sunday's match as mercurial and sublime. Due to some unfavorable planning, the U16 Team have had to get used to squaring up against U18 teams. The physiological differences between the two ages cannot be underestimated; size, weight, experience and skill. The dice clearly loaded in favor of any U18 Team playing our U16's. Factor in a depleted U16 team, with some players poached to play for the club's U18 side and a picture starts to emerge of a half-shot pigeon that still has a message to deliver. And boy oh boy, deliver it did. With the odds stacked against them, the U16's took the bull by the horns and swung it round like a rag doll. Big boys fell, speedy wingers thwarted, scrums won and scrappy lineouts produced ball for the backs to score. A 60 meter return from a kick off and a 7 pointer under the posts, snarly tries from burly forwards blended into the game making the metaphorical perfect hot toddy to warm the hearts of all who enjoyed this fantastic exhibition of tenacity, passion and belief. It was a shame the U18 team dispersed so quickly after their loss to St Augustine, they could have seen something a bit special from their junior counterparts. On behalf of the Union RFC, the Board and Coaches, congratulate the U16 team on their achievements and wish them continues success in the remaining games. Go Mud Turtles!