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Mudturtle Milestone!

Written By Jim Brady
Published 8/19/2021 12:00am

A milestone has been reached for Union County Rugby in 2021. Twins John and Michael Scheuer are the first Mudturtles who have started out as Owls in our Cranford flag program and have progressed through the ranks of U-12, U14, U16 and U18 in our youth tackle program. This past spring they graduated from St. Peter’s Prep and are both headed to Siena College to play rugby as Saints. 

It has actually been a family affair with the Scheurers as the father Bob, a former Bayonne player, has been helping to coach and coordinate our flag and tackle programs alongside his boys. Their mother Sheila has been a rugby super mom, making sure visiting teams at home matches were always well fed.  We look forward to having the twins back in the near future so they continue on with their Mudturlte careers. Until then, good luck at college and make us proud!