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Monmouth Strong In Lady Mudturtles Spring Opener

Written By Lera Skoldpadda
Published 4/05/2019 12:00am

On March 30, 2019 the Lady Mudturtles hosted Monmouth Renegades for thefinal league match of the year. The Renegades started off hot running a quickpick and go offense that had the Mudturtles on their back foot for much of thefirst half. Union ended the half down 34-0. The second half saw a change ofpace with some impact subs and tries by Captain Fullback Jordan Seubert and ferociousFlanker JT - Jess Teran. The second half effort was not enough to overcomeMonmouth"s substantial lead, and the Lady Mudturtles took their first loss ofthe spring season. The match was a learning experience! The team loves playing Monmouthand plans to link up with the Renegades for Can Ams this year, forming a fierceJersey Squad. Best of Luck to Monmouth in the Playoffs!


WOM Honors went to wing, Victoria Steele, for making a huge impact offthe bench in the second half and getting the offense going. Ninja Turtle Awardswent to lifetime duo JT and 8-man Crystal Cooke for going hard in every carryand tackle and covering the entire field on defense.  


The Lady Mudturtles travel on 4/6 to Fairfield Lady Yankees for a 4pmkickoff.


1. Gabriela Montoya 2. Olivia Kinder 3. Jen Cortez 4. Maria Guerra 5.Gabrielle Connolly 6. Danica Lindsey 7. Olivia Mason 8. Crystal Cooke 9. AnnaGildea 10. Ashley Purper 11. Gabby Longchamp 12. Tiffani Gregory  13. Angie Tornetto  14. Julie Buonaguro 15. Jordan Seubert 16.Sonya Rosebrock 17. Janet Zappasodi 18. Jenna Rodriguez 19. Sarah Simon 20.Abby Holmes 21. Jess Teran 22. Kelsey Giggenbach 23.  Victoria Steele


Photos by Silas Kim and Mr. Champ