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Written By Lera Skoldpadda
Published 10/01/2021 12:00am
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And we're back with another exciting recap of our second game! Our first away game was eventful from start to finish. Was a sweltering 90 degrees and we felt the heat initially. Long Island opened the game with a try from the outside. Union answered that with their own try from Center #12 Elizabeth Sandford. Despite being down a player from a yellow card, Union punched in another try from #8 Erin Theriot. Our last play at the half was # 13 Mercedez Roper getting stopped just at the try line with #6 Darcy Weidman to clean up and score.

Second half began with a quick try and conversion from Long Island after being handed a yellow card making the score 15-12. Union couldn't have that close of a score and #14 Alyssa DeSordi took it to the outside for another Union try. Shortly after Long Island proved this would be a chippy match and scored another try themselves with 14 minutes left in play.

There's a reason they say champions are made in the second half; Darcy intercepted a pass and offloaded to Alyssa who offloaded to #11 Ariel Wang for a try. Union maintained possession for the final 10 minutes and sealed the game with a try from Erin Theriot and conversion from #10 Tiffani Gregory making the final score 32-17 making Union 2-0.

We had great defensive efforts from Ariel, Kate, and Patty while Maverick, Darcy, and Kim kept the offense moving. Serena also stole a lot of scrums to keep us in the game offensively.

This game we had a new player to the sport; Maria Guzman played her first rugby match ever. We also had a Mudturtle debut; Darcy Weidman (SUNY- Binghamton). Darcy had an amazing offensive performance and won Woman of the Match. Our defensive star was Patty Morel winning our Ninja Turtle award. Union enjoyed a bye week off of the win but are looking forward to an away game October 2nd at 2 PM. Thank you Long Island for a well matched effort and for hosting a great match; Saturday's a Rugby Day!