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Fathers Dad Flag Fest

Written By Jim Brady
Published 6/22/2019 12:00am
Sunday June 16 was a special Father's Day,  Unami Park was filled as Cranford hosted the first  flag rugby games of the year. I addition to all the Mudturtle teams Bayonne, Montclair, Bridgewater, Franklin, and Jersey Shore joined in on all the fun. It was a record crowd for our opening weekend, every available inch of flat space was lined with a field, to get any bigger we will need to take down some trees. Three cheers to Romy who volunteered to be co-director, with Michelle, of Cranford for the remainder of the year and will take over the position next year. We also thank everyone who helped out at the food tent and other areas. In carrying on another rugby tradition we left the park cleaner than we found it, more fun weekends to come. Please like this story on your facebook and other social media sites.