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College Recruitment - Roger Williams Men's Rugby

Written By Bob Scheurer
Published 12/23/2020 12:00am

Roger Williams Men’s Rugby isdedicated to creating a balance between academic excellence and athletic success.Participation in our program will help to develop leadership, integrity,courage, and the ability to work with others towards a common goal. The values we instill, through theexperiences endure, will have lasting impressions in our player’s futures.


The Roger Williams Rugby Program is a member of the NationalCollege Rugby (NCR). Our players have the ability to compete in intercollegiaterugby and the opportunity to participate nationally in both 15’s and 7’s.


Roger Williams University is aforward-thinking private university that offers more than 45 academic programs.These programs span the arts and sciences in addition to five professionalschools. At RWU, small classes, direct access to faculty, a wide range ofcommunity engaged work and experiential learning opportunities provide studentswith a transformative education that goes beyond the classroom. Roger Williamsis building the university the world needs now, ensuring that students graduatewith the ability to think critically along with practical skills that employersdemand.

Academically, Roger Williams stands apart with nationallyrenowned Marine Biology, Architecture, Business, and Justice Studies programs(including the only Law School in Rhode Island and a state-of-the-art CyberSecurity program).


The Roger Williams Campus is situated on 140 acres of pristinewaterfront property. Eight different residence halls house 75% of theundergraduate population. These accommodations range from traditional residencehalls, quads, suites and modern apartments. Roughly 50% of the rooms overlookbeautiful Mt. Hope Bay. Beyond soaking up the view, you’ll find that the bestpart of living on campus is the bond you will create with your teammates,friends, and neighbors.