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CBU Offering HS Seniors Rugby Scholarships

Written By Bob Scheurer
Published 4/22/2020 12:00am

What a tough time to be a senior rugby player with the rugbyseason having been cancelled due to the coronavirus. On the positive side, ChristianBrothers University (CBU), a small private college, located in Memphis, TN, isoffering all male and female rugby players a $4k rugby scholarship and up to$18k in merit-based scholarships based on super-scored ACTs. In addition, CBU hasall fees, match travel and accommodation paid for by the school’s administration.There are also some other scholarships available which can be seen at are more detailsabout CBU for the upcoming academic year along with Coach Colbridge’s contact info.Seniors are encouraged to apply at andthen complete this form so that the team’s coach can add their rugbyscholarship to their overall financial package



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