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2019 Award Winners

Written By Lera Skoldpadda
Published 1/06/2020 12:00am

MVPForward – Jen Cortez, Prop

Thisplayer made an undeniable impact on the forward pack this year. Typically asecond half sub, she established herself as not only a starter, but as thecornerstone of the pack. She really grasped the new offense and she wasalways the first person there to set up a pod and made hard runs with theball. Her defense was impeccable - she made big momentum changing tacklesand was a constant threat in the breakdown for turnovers. Because of herreliability and force on the field this year, Jen Cortez is this year's MVPforward. 


MVPBack - Jordan Seubert, Fullback

Thisplayer is always a strong performer and makes a huge impact on the field. Herpresence is surely missed in games she can”t attend. She scored a pair of triesand 3 conversions this season, but her biggest impact is on defense. From theposition of fullback, she has the daunting task of cleaning up our missedtackles - big or small. For her flexibility in playing nearly every position inthe back line, and sometimes flanker, and her consistency in performance inevery single game, Jordan Seubert is our MVP back. 


MostImproved – Jen Cortez, Prop

Thisyear's most improved player was the obvious choice and took the votes by alandslide. She took it upon herself to putting in extra work outside ofpractice, working on her fitness, watching more rugby, and really taking everyopportunity to better herself. The difference in her on field performance fromeven the spring to the fall was a full 180. Her attitude also made a big impacton her performance - she changed her mindset from "i Can't" to"I Can." This player really reached her full potential this seasonand we are proud of all the work she did to improve herself as a player andperson for the team. This year's MIP is CORTEZ


7sPlayer of the Year  - Allison Bronander

Our7s player of the year is one of the youngest players on the roster but she hasbeen a Mudturtle for longer than most of the team. She has played with thewomen's team unofficially for a long time - coming to practice with us whileshe was still in high school. After just one year of college rugby withTCNJ, she came back to us this summer and was a force on the field! Despite herage, her years of rugby experience really shine through with her poise anddecision making. She is youthful enough to score an 80 meter try and have tobreath to kick her own conversion. Allison Bronander is our 7s player of theyear. 


Rookiesof the Year - Hajja Abdur-Rahman, Prop &Jessica Kaminskyj, 2nd Row, Flanker

Wehave two Rookies of the Year this year due to a tie in the voting. Hajja joinedus in the spring of this year and grew from a quiet timid player to one thatliterally roars on the field. We are extremely proud of how Hajja has grown onand off the pitch! She recently joined the Peace Corps and she will be sorelymissed from our lineup for the next 2 years.


Thenext award for Rookie of the year goes to a true rookie who joined us in thefall. This player is extremely coachable, eager to learn, and extremely hard totackle. Playing your first rugby at the Div 2 club level is no easy feat. Thisplayer subbed into some of our toughest matches when things were looking bleakand still made an immediate impact on the field. From her first practice to thelast match she became comfortable on the field and has proven that she is aforce to be reckoned with. We look forward to having you grow as a player foryears to come – Jessie Kaminskyj is our second Rookie of the year. 


Featherweight –Anna Gildea, Scrumhalf

Last but not least to round out the 2019 awards- the Featherweight Champion! This is an annual award honoring a small playerwho makes a big impact on the field. Scrumhalf Anna Gildea is responsible forholding us all together on and off the field. Her strength is her ability todirect and make quick decisions. On the field, she is always the first onethere to support you and she has a “never give up attitude” - even when beingdragged 30 yards down the field by a prop. ANNA is this year’s FeatherweightChampion