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UK Tour Deposits Due

Posted on 11/27/2016 9:12:13 AM by BMac |   Return To Blog

Tour Deposit Due!

Tour Deposits are due - $150 per person. You can remit them in two ways:

1) Mail or 20 drop off them to Sheila Jackson 1751 Florida St., Westfield, NJ 07090.

Checks should be made out to UCRFC. For this portion of the deposit, we will NOT be taking credit cards. Other portions of the trip can be paid with it. Upon payment of the deposit, players will be given their fundraising package. The tour page can be found here. This will cover all the information that we have. There is still time to register for the tour if a player wants to go.

Regards, Bill

Fname Lname Team Role Deposit
Sheila Jackson Girls chaperone $150.00
Patty MacLaney Girls Chaperone $150.00
Jessica Morrison Girls Chaperone $150.00
Tia Shanta Taylor Girls chaperone $150.00
Gary Etlinger U16 chaperone $0.00
Beth Anne Magnotti U16 chaperone $150.00
Philip Magnotti U16 chaperone $150.00
Michelle McNellis U16 chaperone $0.00
Parent Bronander U18 chaperone $0.00
James Burns U18 Chaperone $150.00
Darren Composto U18 Chaperone $150.00
Chuck Gomez U18 Chaperone $0.00
JulieAnne Gonzalez U18 Chaperone $0.00
Ceasar Machado u18 chaperone $150.00
Monica Monzo U18 chaperone $0.00
Wife Morariu U18 Chaperone $150.00
Charleen Pringle u18 chaperone $150.00
Ivano Mirandi Girls coach $0.00
Alp Uray Girls Coach $0.00
Mike Jackson Parent coach $150.00
Bill MacLaney Parent coach $150.00
Bogdan Morariu parent coach $0.00
Owain Rees parent coach $0.00
John Gonzalez U18 Coach $0.00
Parney Monzo family family $150.00
Lou Monzo parent Fun Guy $150.00
Allison Bronander Girls player $0.00
Ashanti Burns Girls player $150.00
Molly Jackson Girls player $150.00
Mary Claire King Girls player $150.00
Isabelle Lee Girls player $150.00
Abigail MacLaney Girls player $150.00
Kate Uray Girls player $0.00
Faith Whitfield Girls player $150.00
Daniel Morariu U14 player $150.00
Shayan Burns U16 player $150.00
Jack Etlinger U16 player $0.00
Liam Jackson U16 player $150.00
Sean MacLaney U16 player $150.00
Michael Magnotti U16 player $150.00
Garret McNellis U16 player $0.00
Colin Rees U16 player $0.00
Jordan Barham u18 player $150.00
Ryan Burns U18 player $150.00
Zach Composto U18 player $150.00
Ryan Dones U18 player $0.00
Tim Garcia U18 player $0.00
Matt Gomez U18 player $0.00
J. Griffin Gonzalez U18 player $0.00
Brendan Loder U18 player $150.00
Anthony Machado U18 player $150.00
Charlie Monzo U18 player $150.00
Sebastian Morales U18 player $150.00
Peter Morariu U18 player $150.00
Hunter Musson U18 player $0.00
Brendan O'Connor U18 player $0.00
Sean O'Connor U18 player $0.00
Spencer Pascal U18 player $150.00
Miles Trojian u18 player $0.00
Cameron Varnish U18 player $150.00